Cynthia Queenton is the epitome of emotion….in the pure state.

Of a Franco-Maltese extraction, her childhood in Paris is governed by the rythm of ballet, piano and singing lessons. She grows up with the musics of Ella Fitzgerald, AC Jobim, Cole Porter, Michel Legrand,...

Soon, her passion for stage and spotlights flares up. Cynthia Queenton, as an all-round artist, moves from tours, shows, TV broadcasts, to recording sessions...and becomes a singer-songwriter.

Famous brand names call on her so particular voice. Her glamorous and refined personality, a mixture of ingenuousness and sophistication, is her distinctive sign.
  Cynthia performs on stage ans surrounds herself with exceptionally talented musicians, from the trio to the quintet.

Her jazz and bossa song recital and her French Touch makes her travel all around the world but also to stages and festivals in Paris and elsewhere. (Le Divan du Monde, Le Réservoir, Le Baiser Salé, Le Sporting Club de Monte-Carlo,...).

As an ardent fan of the 50’s, she also reinterprets with emotion the standards. Her style is so original that Jazz and Bossa are more than ever...timeless. Musicality, grace, freshness fill the universe in which her interpretations carry us away...make us fall under her spell.

Cynthia Queenton chanteuse, auteur, compositeur, artiste venant de la scène et des festivals. Des chansons françaises teintées de Jazz Bossa dans une ambiance acoustique, chic et glamour.
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